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Turf 360 - Country Club Turf with Foam Backing 12' Wide Roll

Your Price: $4.58

This turf is comparable to a fast dry green. This option does not require sand fill, however adding sand will speed up the surface roll. Comparable with most expensive putting greens on the market.

Recommended for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Material: 1/2" nylon 6-6. with a 5mm foam backing
  • Turf Weight: 38 oz.
  • Important Facts: Excellent overall turf - Sand can be added
  • Stimp meter speed: 8-9
  • Warranty: 5 yrs.
  • Width of Turf: 12'
  • Color: Verde (as shown)


What Customers Are Saying...

We are very happy with your company, the website is very simple, the quality of the product seems to be par with higher priced. nets and with that said we are happy with your pricing

Kevin Mccormack

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The service I received was superb. From start to finish, the sales staff was very very helpful and knowledgeable. This project went off without a hitch and has been a huge addition to our backyard fun. We would do it all over again the exact same ...

Beth Broussard

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