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Turf 360 - Par Saver Turf with Foam Backing 12' Wide Roll

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This is the best synthetic putting green turf available. It is constructed with some of the toughest nylon turf material currently on the market. The fibers imitate the vein structure of real green grass. The speed of the green is one of the fastest available that simulates a dry green.

Recommended for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Material: 1/2" 6-6 nylon with a 5mm urethane foam backing.
  • Turf Weight: 48 oz.
  • Important Facts: Our best putting green. Does not require sand fill.
  • Stimp meter speed: 9-11
  • Warranty: 5 yrs.
  • Width of Turf: 12'
  • Color: Verde (as shown).


What Customers Are Saying...

All went well, installation was pretty easy. Thanks again for getting me the stuff on time. With Joe and Jake Mauer gone for the season with the Twins, Bill is the only one doing any training right now, but all of the kids he brings in think it's nea...

Norm Kordell - Mauer Baseball School / Mauer Chevy

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Working with Chad at was a great experience. He was very patient with all the questions I had. Being a coach, everyone understands how hard it is to raise money to purchase anything, so after raising the money I was very cautious abou...

Travis Biggs, Coach - SouthSide High School

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