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Turf360 - 12'W Full Plate Turf Stance Mat (with Inlaid Batter's Box & Painted Home-Plate) - POLY TURF

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12'W Full Plate Turf Stance Mat (with Inlaid Batter's Box & Painted Home-Plate) - POLY TURF

Available sizes: 6'D x 12'W or 7'D x 12'W -- select above

Our turf batter's box turf stance mats are an essential tool in the batting cage or on the diamond. Turf mats are used to protect the area around home plate, and give players a solid and even surface with bright clean lines & plate for proper stance positioning.

Poly mats are a great economical alternative for lighter-duty use, compared to the heavy-duty Nylon mats. Poly is a softer material with a lower abrasion resistance than Nylon, but are still solid and high quality mats.

Inlaid Mat Features:

  • Made from straight blade Polypropylene material.
  • Traditional "field turf green" color
  • Safe for rubber cleats or soft-shoes (not spikes).
  • Comfortable 5mm foam backing.
  • Skid-resistant bottom will not slide on almost any surface.
  • Won't harm or mar gym floors.
  • NEVER-FADE white batter's box lines are actual turf which is inlaid/tufted into the carpet during production.
  • Home plate is painted on the mat, which can be easily touched up over the years.
  • Made to regulation specifications.
  • Approx total height with foam & face: 3/4"
  • Easily move this mat from diamond to diamond or field to field.

What Customers Are Saying...

This company continues to amaze me with their great customer service. Anytime I have a question or concern, they are willing to work with me and they are very patient. Thank you Practice Sports!

Kim Gold

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All went well, installation was pretty easy. Thanks again for getting me the stuff on time. With Joe and Jake Mauer gone for the season with the Twins, Bill is the only one doing any training right now, but all of the kids he brings in think it's nea...

Norm Kordell - Mauer Baseball School / Mauer Chevy

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